How to win with content marketing

Content Marketing

How do you compete for attention in an increasingly noisy online environment? Focus on your cause and telling your story in the most compelling manner.

Enter content marketing; which is to consistently curate, create and deliver valuable content.

This will allow you to attract, influence and build trust with your customers over time. 

Observe the three principles of quality content 
1. Be original: The online content marketing arena is becoming increasingly competitive, and marketers are finding it increasingly difficult to stand out. Ensure that your content is original and unique and you will see success in content marketing.

2. Talk about what’s relevant: Relevance is the key to attracting the right people to engage with your brand. Identify your target market online, research where they engage and the topics that interest them. Then ensure that your content addresses their needs and is distributed where it will reach them.

3. Engage your customers: In an age where online peer reviews have greater influence over purchasing behavior than traditional marketing, effective social media marketing has become essential. In order to ensure that your content is shared, it must be engaging.

All great content needs a solid distribution plan
Now that you have established your content approach, you need to decide how you plan to disseminate it. There are various channels for you to consider such as social media platforms, e-mail marketing and online advertising (such as Google Adwords. When developing your editorial calendar, you will need to include your distribution approach and develop specific content for each channel.

Encourage organic sharing
When developing your content ideas, you should also consider the virality or share-ability of your topic. Do research on the types of content your audience engages with most frequently and use this to fine-tune your content idea.

You could also build relationships with industry influencers and encourage them to share your content with their communities. Or you could build an employee advocacy program, rewarding your staff for distributing your content via their social media profiles.

Remember to measure what matters
In order to track the success of your efforts, you must be able to measure them. Digital analytics programs can provide a plethora of metrics, which is why it’s important to focus on what matters.

Key metrics used to determine content marketing success are:
The average time spent on your website: This shows you how long people are spending on your website, more specifically, which pieces of content they spent the most time on. This will help you assess the engagement levels of your content and weed out any content that is not helping you retain readers (potential customers).

Source traffic: This indicates how your customers came to land on your website, be it social media channels, e-mails, or other websites. This will help you determine which of your other marketing channels are working best and where you should spend your budget on advertising.

Goals and conversions: This report will enable you to set up specific goals for user actions on your website, such as buying a product or completing your contact form. This also allows you to set monetary values to each conversion so that you can determine which of your articles and pages are most valuable.

It’s also important to set milestones to help you track your progress on a regular basis and identify room for improvements.

In closing, a content marketing plan which is targeted specifically to your ideal audience and aligned to your business goals can help you win in a competitive digital space.

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